Flat feet are very common in many people. The strain placed on the legs and body because the flatness of the legs can cause many foot problems. 

Unfortunately, the use of shoes needed at an early age to protect our feet does not allow people with flat feet to develop the muscle and structural adjustments needed to function better. 

The result is the foot that requires additional structural support to prevent tendons and ligaments stain, and delay the development of foot deformities associated with flat feet, such as bunions and hammertoes. 

The choice of shoes can make a significant difference in the comfort of someone with flat feet. In general, toe shoes  provide that support. 

This can include special inserts in shoes to provide that support. However, the first part is choosing the right shoes for the flat feet. We must always consider the basic principles of shoe fitting too. 

Shoes must be fit according to measured length and width, with the help of shoe salespeople who are familiar with their products who can provide more detailed installation because the manufacturer may be slightly different from the shoe size mentioned. 

Talon shoes for flat feet should be comfortable too, otherwise, there is no point in wearing shoes.