Downsizing can present a multitude of emotional and physical challenges. Sorting a household of possession and wading through the lifetime of memories can be intimidating for both seniors and caregivers.

Downsizing help for seniors

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If there is a need for downsize comes up due to health or other concerns then it is incredibly difficult to give up their items. Most of the companies helping in downsizing for seniors that will be beneficial for them while minimising the stress and maximising productivity.

In this article, we will discuss the major tips to make the downsizing process less stressful and more enjoyable.

  • Pace Yourself

You can’t be done with your lifetime memories in a week or weekend. So be realistic and take your time to make thoughtful decisions. It is better to decluttering with boxes. Pick one box and go through piece by piece without rushing. When you finish with that box, then start with another.

Help seniors to participate

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  • Help seniors feel in control of what’s happening

If your older adult wants to take part in their packing, then it is a great way for them to feel more in control of what’s happening during downsizing and decluttering your home. When they go through their own things, sharing stories related to each item and deciding what happens to each item let your seniors be in charge.

  • Give away family heirlooms

When you give away your family heirloom then there won’t be any confusion over who should get what. For less expensive items, you could take pictures of it and write a brief story and share that with family members.  After that sell or donate the item knowing that you’ve preserved the memory.

Asking key questions

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  • Use key questions to figure out whether to keep it or sell it

  1. Is this item is regularly used?
  2. Has it been used in the past years?
  3. Does it truly enhance the quality of adult life?
  4. Does it have significant market value?

It is tough to decide what to do with older adult prized possessions. If you are in such a dilemma then you should take your own time make the experience more rewarding. Decluttering well before to move relieves the stress and extra stuff causes. Hover over this website to learn how would you downsize in great detail.