Construction estimating is difficult and it requires a high level of accuracy and detail. It also requires good math skills and a little geometry knowledge. It requires the ability to read and understand construction drawings and details and how they are applied.

As an expert residential estimator, there are many things to consider before you begin to provideĀ residential construction estimating services. The basic tools you need to put an estimate together are a notepad, a calculator, an architectural scale, and an engineering scale.

Let us have a look at some tips and techniques for estimating the cost of building a new home.

Architectural & Structural Drawings

Most construction projects have a set of architectural drawings and a set of structural drawings. The architectural plans includes the sheets such as a title sheet, a site plan, a floor plan, a foundation plan, four elevations, a roof plan, an electrical plan, a sheet with a typical wall section, a sheet with the window and door schedules, and a sheet with the necessary building and architectural details.


A list of product specifications must be provided to the subcontractors and vendors This is a list of all the products and finishes you want to add in your construction estimating service. If you do not add these specifications then the contractors or vendors may not practice bidding and some of them may not submit a bid without a set of specifications included. Therefore, everything from paint colors to the floor finishes need to be selected. They need to be listed on the plan or on a separate document.

Doing the Takeoffs

It is very important to put in a written guide on how to quantify the concrete, masonry, lumber, and shingles. The inaccuracies will increase your budget and cost you time and money. This ability and knowledge cannot come from a book but through hands-on experience combined with years of estimating experience.

It is important to know the instructions on how to estimate the quantities of concrete, masonry, lumber, drywall, etc. It is considered the bible for construction estimators. You can visit this link to know the construction estimating tools and how these tools help you to win the bids for construction projects.