In all most, all the construction projects scaffolding is an integral part. Even using the first ever construction Scaffolding was used. The use of Scaffolding was done in order to get access to structures that are at height during the construction work.  The use of scaffolding is done for varying purposes.

There is some scaffolding that has been used in order to support workers and then used by them. You can have a look at if you want to know more about Scaffolding.


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In order to support significant loads via building materials like bricks, blocks, stucco the use of Scaffolding is done. There are varying types of the scaffolding of available in the market. The scaffolding that is most commonly used are listed below:

  •    Wooden & Bamboo Scaffolding
  •    Tube & Clip Scaffolding
  •    Systems Scaffolding
  •    Cuplock Scaffolding
  •    Kwikstage Scaffolding
  •    Haki Scaffolding
  •    Staircase Tower Scaffolding
  •    Frame & Brace Scaffolding
  •    Suspended/Swinging Scaffolding
  •    Mast Climbing Scaffolding
  •    Shoring

Why the use of different scaffolding is done?

The use of a varying type of scaffolding systems is done on the basis of the place of your work.  For example in a place like Scandinavia, the use of aluminum scaffolding is done as here the labor is expensive.


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If you are a designer then make sure that you choose a scaffolding system that is excellent for your project.  

Wooden & Bamboo Scaffolding

The use of wooden scaffolding is done in almost all the places but you will find its use more in Europe and North America. There was a time when Pre-cut lumber was quite a popular type of scaffolding.

The use of bamboo is mostly done in Asia.  People choose bamboo scaffolding because of its strength, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. Browse here to know more about Scaffolding.

Tube & Clamp Scaffolding

It is one of the oldest types of steel scaffolding.  There are two parts of tube & clamp scaffolding which are tubes and clips. This is also referred to as couples. These Scaffolding are popular as they are easy to assemble and disassemble.